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The Real Load architecture is hybrid, which means that we only operate the portal server ourselves. All other product components such as Measuring Agents (= load generators), Cluster Controllers and Remote Proxy Recorders are managed by yourself. This means that the maintenance costs are split between you and us, resulting in very competitive prices.

All product components are available as ready-to-run Amazon EC2 AMIs. Alternatively, you can also download, install and run the components on your own servers. This means that you pay only license costs for using the portal server.

To debug and execute tests, you need at least one Measuring Agent registered (by you) at the portal server. This can either be an Amazon EC2 instance (predefined AMI) that you (temporarily) run case by case for a low cost per hour, or a self-hosted Measuring Agent.

For a first step after sign-up at the portal, we recommend that you download the "Desktop Companion" and install it on your own laptop. This allows you to easily start and stop AWS/EC2 load generators and to registering/deregister them at the portal. The "Desktop Companion" also includes a local proxy recorder that allows you to record web browser sessions and to upload these sessions to the portal - which can then be turned into powerful stress tests.

Alternatively you can also enter/define stress tests directly at the portal and/or capture tests by using own operated Remote Proxy Recorders.

The real load architecture is designed that customers with limited financial budget can even perform impactful load tests at reasonable costs. But the almost unlimitable scalability of the product by using "Cluster Controllers" allows also to execute high end tests with several millions of concurrent users.

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